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Short Talks

Embrace Uncertainty: Strategies for on-time delivery in an uncertain world


In this talk I explore the common misconceptions about incremental and iterative development that lead Agile practitioners to focus more on building required scope on time, and less on the value they’re delivering. I’ll then offer strategies to help Agile projects both finish on time and shift emphasis to the successful delivery of value. I’ll offer advice by leveraging wisdom from famous thinkers such as John Lennon, Pete Townsend, Roger Waters, Paul Simon, and John Lydon. The talk is fun, fast paced, and filled with strong visuals and music clips.

Embrace Uncertainty (ppt)

The Scrum Product Owner Role


These slides set the context for a short talk and workshop to discuss the Scrum Product Owner role.

The Scrum Product Owner Role (ppt)


User Story Mapping


Making sense out of your user story backlog

A prioritized user story backlog helps to understand what to do next, but is a difficult tool for understanding what your whole system is intended to do. A user story map arranges user stories into a useful model to help understand the functionality of the system, identify holes and omissions in your backlog, and effectively plan holistic releases that delivery value to users and business with each release.

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Collaborative Cardplay


Much of the work I do leverages collaborative modeling. Collaborative CardPlay is a fast paced 90 minute workshop where you and 50 of your closest friends will get the opportunity to engage in simple card modeling. In the process you’ll learn essential card modeling skills, learn about various types of models, and how and where to leverage collaborative modeling.

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Usage to User Interface


Collaboratively Designing and Testing User Interface From User Stories, User Scenarios, or Use Cases

This 3-4 hour tutorial describes a practical approach to translating the goals users would like to achieve and the tasks they wish to accomplish into user interface designs that effectively support those goals and tasks.

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Personas, Profiles, Actors, & Roles: Modeling users to target successful product design


This 3 hour tutorial simplifies and demystifies commonly used user models such as personas, user profiles, user roles, and actors. You’ll learn how to simply construct each and leverage them to improve your software.

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User Experience Distilled


My take on Garrett’s popular Elements of User Experience model coupled with tactical advice for: creating models to better understand your users, improving your software’s usability, and improving your applications’ visual design.

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Successful Incremental Releases


This 3-4 hour tutorial describes a a modeling approach to identifying holistic releases that will benefit users and earn value for business stakeholders. Also discussed are strategies for scaling features appropriately to allow both appropriate release estimation, and on-time delivery of the best possible product

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User Centered Agile Software Development


This full day tutorial seeks to explain Agile Development’s incremental release and iterative development strategy from the perspective of a user centered design practitioner. Practical advice is given on making Agile development more user-centric.

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