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Kanban Development Oversimplified

How Kanban-style development gives us another way to deliver on Agile values Ramblin’ Preamble Over a year ago now — Feb 25th 2008 to be exact — I wrote this draft article. At the time Kanban development was a cool … Continue reading

The product owner and the product-shaped hole

What the product owner needs to worry about isn’t in the product backlog If you’ve read one of my blog essays before, you know this isn’t going to be a quick thought, but a bit of a long discussion (read … Continue reading

Agile development is more culture than process

Why thinking of agile as culture and not just process explains resistance and difficulty in teaching and learning the approach Culture, not process I’d been working with Josh and lots of others at his company for many months aiding with … Continue reading

The new user story backlog is a map

Why the flat user story backlog doesn’t work, and how to build a better backlog that will help you more effectively explain your system, prioritize, and plan your releases. This is Gary. Gary and I worked together for a day … Continue reading

Twelve emerging best practices for adding UX work to Agile development

Agile development originated from a place where user experience practice was weak In my last blog essay I explain how I see that the type of product we build has big effect on the process we follow to build it. … Continue reading

Is user experience relevant where you work?

Software development and plastics I remember something Tim Lister said in a talk at a conference a couple years ago now – and I know I’ll paraphrase this slightly wrong – but Tim said something to the affect of: “It’s … Continue reading

Don’t know what I want, but I know how to get it

Why knowing what you want in agile development may be an impediment to getting it. It all started with one of those weird trains of thought that come to you in the wee hours of the morning when you’re half … Continue reading

Kicking off the slow software movement

why our rush to build software faster sacrifices quality and treats software like fast food In August 2007 I was lucky enough to be able to edit an issue of Better Software Magazine. I was able to choose my authors: … Continue reading

Struggling to get into Shu business

Why it’s taken me years to explain simple things simply Shu Ha Ri explains how we learn I’ve often found the terms Shu, Ha, and Ri useful to refer to the three stages of learning Alistair Cockburn described in Agile … Continue reading

Dirty hands required

In an email exchange with a friend this morning he was speaking about his involvement on a soon to be released product. He’s been working on that product to design its user experience. He’d recently made a tactical change that … Continue reading