Jeff Patton is an independent consultant, teacher, and Agile coach dedicated to the holistic design and development of successful software products.

I’m Jeff Patton and I consider myself a sleeves-rolled-up practitioner of Agile Software Development. I place particular emphasis on creating context specific approaches that lead to the holistic design, development, and delivery of successful products.

  • I consult for a variety of organizations helping them adopt Agile software development, and adopt practices that improve the quality and frequency of delivery of the products they build. (I hope they end up having more fun as well.)
  • I’ve just started to Blog – I’m way on the other side of the chasm with this one.
  • I’m working on a book. The premise is simple. If I had to train someone to be an effective team member on an Agile Product Design and Development team, this book might be the training manual. It contains a conceptual model for a holistic Agile design and development approach, instructions for a set of foundational collaboration techniques critical for those practicing design and development, and a family if modeling techniques that support a holistic design and development approach.
  • I moderate a YahooGroup discussion group titled agile-usability. If I had I had to name the group all over again, I might choose a different name – one more focused on the whole product’s design, but “usability” seems to get at the concern well enough for people to find the group.